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Kathy Chilton, LMFT
261 E 16th Ave, Suite 3
Eugene Oregon

I work in a collaborative manner to establish an atmosphere of safety and honesty where you can heal from negative experiences, resolve current issues, and learn new attitudes and skills to aid you in effectively dealing with future challenges.

I invite my clients to take charge of their lives: to examine their situation and relationships, to recognize and appreciate what is going well, and to decide what they can and want to change. I encourage them to be compassionate with themselves and others as we develop solutions to strengthen helpful patterns and to change those that are not.

I help individuals, couples and families to focus on what can be done now, in the present, to create a desirable and healthy future. Negative emotions, interactions, and past experiences are addressed when they interfere with developing or achieving goals. Together, we explore how current and past resources, strengths, and successes can help empower you to find new solutions to problems.

People, their relationships, and their situations are unique. I use empirically validated approaches such as Solution Focused Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness practices to tailor my approach to individual needs and to help my clients achieve their goals.